In true 2020 fashion, Mother Nature seems confused and the Blaine County Sheriff Department isn't amused. On the morning of June 17, 2020 police say Mother Nature was caught illegally dumping ten inches of snow north of the Galena Summit and six inches to the south of Galena. The large amount of snow kept police busy all morning dealing with stuck vehicles and drivers who had erroneously thought three days before the official start of summer was too late for more snow.

Really though, someone needs to check on Mama Nature and make sure she's OK. Also, show her a calendar and ask for some sunshine this weekend. Weird things happening this year are becoming less weird and more normal. We even have a poll asking what the next big weird thing to happen will be. Could be the Yellowstone Super Volcano, Godzilla, Mountain Home admits to being the source of the mysterious booms, or even something normal would seem really weird now.

Now, to be honest, seeing the pictures on Facebook made me jealous and debate a road trip for a moment. I love the snow and really feel like we got ripped off this last winter with the small amount of snow we got.

It is nice to see some humor from the Blaine County Sheriff and we hope they catch their suspect and talk some sense into her.

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