Heavy rain and wind from multiple storm systems have been pounding California for days now, and for the first time since weather has been recorded an extreme heavy wind advisory was recently issued for a portion of the state.

The Central Coast region of California makes up approximately 300 miles and includes cities such as Ventura, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara. A double dose of atmospheric rivers has been causing widespread weather pandemonium for nearly a week now. The heaviest hit area of the state has been San Diego, which has been experiencing widespread city flooding.

A hurricane-force wind warning was issued Sunday, which marks the first of its kind in the state, according to sfgate.com. Power outages, landslides, and numerous traffic fatalities have been reported statewide in the past 72 hours, and have been attributed to these storms. Winds have reached more than 90 miles per hour in some parts of the state.

More than 100 inches of snow has fallen in California since the start of winter, and these new storm systems are supposed to drop several more feet in the coming days. Sierra Mountain residents in cities such as Lake Tahoe have been experiencing the brunt of the snowfall.

Winds have reached more than 90 miles per hour in some parts of the state.

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Videos of unprecedented flooding in San Diego and other major cities have been going viral for days now. Extreme ocean swells have also forced beach evacuations up and down the coast, and hundreds of millions of dollars in damage has occurred.

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