With only two episodes left in 'Boardwalk Empire's third season, the deaths have already begun. Gyp Rosetti continue to have Masseria's backing as he moves in on Nucky's turf, with none of the Atlantic City gangster's friends coming to his aid, and his top soldier already down! What possible respite could their be for Nucky, who at this point barely has a leg to stand on? Will Lansky and Luciano pay for their betrayal? What about crazy ol' Gillian? Answers await in the latest clips from "Two Impostors!"

With Owen Sleater joining the ranks of the fallen after "A Man, A Plan," is there anyone that stands in Gyp Rosetti or Joe Masseria's path to step over Nucky Thompson? Will Gyp prove to be a multi-season threat, or meet his maker within the next two weeks, leaving Nucky displaced and alone?

The latest clips from Sunday's all-new 'Boardwalk Empire' "Two Impostors" continue the rise to power of the hot-tempered New York gangster, settling into new digs at Gillian Darmody's brothel! Gyp Rosetti's ascendance certainly casts a long shadow as well, as Lansky and Luciano need to rethink their heroin sales now that Joe Masseria has so publicly flexed his power killing Owen.

Will Gyp's pride prove to be his downfall? What of Margaret's big revelation? Check out a sneak peek of "Two Impostors" below, and give us your predictions how 'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 all goes down in the comments!

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