Source: WalletHub

America’s hottest real estate market is in Idaho.  The Treasure Valley.  WalletHub looked at hundreds of cities and listed Boise at the top.  While Twin Falls may not be a large enough metro to be considered in the survey, the Magic Valley is probably close on the heels of the Capital Region.

We were told by some when the pandemic began it would greatly slow the real estate market.  Clearly, it hasn’t happened.  Construction continues in every direction.

Where are they coming from?  The largest block would be California but a radio guest told me a builder he knows also says they’re coming from Oregon, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

I’ve got two new neighbors this month from California.  My guest has a new neighbor who fled the Left Coast and that guy’s brother is also coming and bringing along his own business.  Which will mean more jobs in Southern Idaho.

While Idaho is a popular destination, a columnist at an Arizona newspaper explains he’s seeing the great migration as well.  Listings of homes on the seller’s market in the San Francisco Bay area are now 96 percent higher than listings at this time last year.

On Facebook I keep reading this line:  Idaho is full!  Maybe, but you can’t stop people from relocating.  So what’s a solution?  About the best you can do is continually remind the newcomers about the reasons they left the land of fruits and nuts.  It got that way because people weren’t vigilant.  If you’re going to change houses, then please, please, please.  Change any bad habits that created the failure you once called home.

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