Boise State is just 7-weeks away from taking on a new season and this year, it's a full season back on The Blue at Albertsons Stadium. The expectations, as always, are high. This year, though, some new culture has been injected into the program. With a new Athletic Director and a new Head Coach, many people are hoping that the "next level" is on the way for the Boise State Broncos.

If one thing has become clear since the offseason began, it's that the fans simply weren't as big of fans of Bryan Harsin as they should have been. Suddenly, after Harsin's departure, fans became very vocal about their thirst for new culture--new energy. Similarly, those in sports media have told various outlets on social media now forced to interview Harsin in the SEC to "get used to it" when it comes to his lack luster delivery and underwhelming cooperation-- or lack thereof.

Now, a whole new conversation is on the table and the season hasn't even began: a conference change.

For years, Boise State has been a victim of their conference. You could argue that since they really haven't dominated their conference the way that they should, maybe a jump into a bigger league isn't warranted.  Now, it may be time to jump.

With recent news that the powerful SEC has been in talks with Texas and Oklahoma, the BIG 12 may need to add new teams. If they take from the PAC 12, then the PAC 12 is going to need to scoop a couple of teams.

See where we're going with this?

Both Boise State and BYU are being thrown around in the conference upgrade talks.

Do you think these programs are ready??


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