Potato Drop organizers are back at it once again as thousands of people throughout the state of Idaho are making plans to travel to Capital Park for the annual event.

Prior to moving to Idaho from California last year, I had caught wind of the fact that the city of Boise lowers a giant spud as part of their New Years celebration. I recall an on-air discussion about it with my co-host at my former job, and now that I live less than two hours from Boise, I have to admit I'm more curious than ever about it.

In the grand scheme of New Years celebrations--when you compare it to festivals like Peru's Takanakuy, where "Fight Club" breaks out every year--Boise's tradition seems more normal than ever. According to the event's Facebook page, this year is the fifth annual, and organizers are very excited about one particular new addition.

"The event is called the Big Rail Jam, said Natalie Jangula, the ambassador to this year's drop. "It's two stories tall, and will launch people thirty to forty feet, where they will then land on the rail. It's being build this afternoon."

The potato itself is seventeen feet in length, and made of fiberglass and metal, according to Jangula. The celebration also offers live music, heated VIP tents, a man-made snow park, an ice sculpture area and a midnight fireworks display lasting approximately three minutes.

"The event is free due to the support of the community. It's a charitable event, where people can visit a number of our non profits at the family tent," said Jangula.

So, for those of you that will be in the Boise area over this coming New Years, this sounds like quite the gathering.

Happy New Year Idaho!



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