New Year's

Healthy Restaurants in Twin Falls
Healthy and restaurants don't always mix. Don't get me wrong. I love bottomless chips and fries, but if you made a resolution to eat better these things are not working in your favor.
Twin Babies Born on Different Days
Twin babies with different birthdays is not something that you hear of often. And twin babies that are born in different years is even more rare. One thing is for sure the twin babies born in San Diego will be confused about their birthdays for a while.
Hangover Cures
Ever had a little too much to drink one night and felt horrible in the morning? There are numerous ways to cope with a hangover, some far healthier than others.
Fun New Year's Resolutions
I'm a goal setter and if I'm not careful, I can create a crazy list of goals that are completely unattainable. So this year, I'm making New Year's Resolutions that are actually FUN!
New Years Eve: In or Out?
Looks like I'm in the majority.  I hate going out on New Years. According to a survey of 1,000 people by Barefoot Blog, of the 66% of the people celebrating New Years, 54% of those will be staying at home.

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