The members of Aerosmith have a tour and a new album to keep themselves busy these days. Guitarist Brad Whitford is busier than most, what with his side gig as a member of the Experience Hendrix tribute show, but he still made time to check in from the road in a new three-minute video.

Whitford filmed the new clip backstage before Aerosmith’s Aug. 8 gig in Tacoma, Wash., and while they’re nearing the end of the current leg of their tour, he says they have “a whole bunch of things lined up for the fall,” including television appearances and a fresh round of dates that will keep them on the road “into December.” According to Whitford, the next leg of the tour will wrap up “sometime before the holidays.”

He’s also planning on going back out with the Experience Hendrix show next March, when he says they plan to change the all-star lineup “kind of significantly” with the addition of “a very big-name artist.” Exactly who this artist is, Whitford currently isn’t allowed to say, but he promises it’s “bound to be as good as always…if you like guitar, don’t miss it — it’s almost too much guitar.”

As for Aerosmith, Whitford claims the band is “probably playing better than it’s ever played,” which he chalks up to the fact that they’re “psyched about the new album,” ‘Music from Another Dimension.’ While alluding to the prolonged delay leading up to its currently scheduled Nov. 6 release, he insisted, “We’re very proud of it and think it’s one of our best records ever.”

A lot to look forward to for Aerosmith fans, no doubt. But there could be more in store — as Whitford put it when he signed off, “Stay tuned — it’s never a dull moment around the Aerosmith camp.”

Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford Checks in from the Road

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