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An old joke I heard from some Hibernians suggests pigeons fly upside down over Britain. Because they haven’t found anything worth their droppings!

Apparently, there are a lot of other things flying over the United Kingdom.  Unidentified Flying Objects.  The UK government is scheduled to release some very old files on UFO sightings.  Space.com has more by clicking here.

It appears British interest in flying saucer reached a peak in the early 1950s and then unlike the United States quickly declined.  Which means the Hibernians were possibly on target, even if the pigeons and aliens weren’t.  The British research program was shuttered more than a decade ago.  Which is a shame, because the land that gave us Dr. Who is supposed to be intensely curious.

Some of the older conclusions, long ago released, called many sightings “delusions” and “hoaxes”.  A bit like predictions of a Joe Biden presidency in this country!  Space.com also offers an explanation on the 7 things most commonly mistaken as craft from outer space.  You can read that link here.

There are some hopes among sky watchers that the new dump of evidence could offer a bit more concrete proof that there is something other than a few stray weather balloons.

Perhaps it’s the more sedate British culture.  On this side of the Atlantic reports of unidentified objects would appear at least steady if not on the increase but, then again, the skies are busier now with our own devices than ever before.  It’s just that we can’t dismiss everything as a drone swarm or satellite.

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