Boise State opens the football season tonight on the road at a stadium called the Bounce House, and this has all the makings of being a total blast.  There's a Bronco Bash happening later today and it will be amazing if we get any work done.

Next to my three kids, three dogs, and two cats, football is probably the most important thing in my life.  Seriously, I love it so much!  I grew up watching football with my dad in Nebraska, and he taught me all about it over microwave popcorn, port wine cheese, and Diet Pepsi.  Not many 7-year olds knew what false starts were, but my dad pointed those out and taught me all about fade patterns too, so perhaps my love for the game is grounded in an emotional tug toward my dad.

I've tried to help my daughters inherit the football fandom that's in their family tree, but so far they seem much more content watching their favorite Youtubers upstairs while I plow through a big bowl of white cheddar popcorn and Diet Pepsi spiked with Tito's downstairs while texting my dad and swiping on the dating apps looking for like-minded marriage material.


Boise State opens the season tonight in Orlando at the University of Central Florida, and the stadium will NOT be filled with only UCF fans.  Yay.  Bronco Nation has traveled to Orlando to help kick off the season and those Boise State fans are having a pre-game Bronco Bash tailgate party before the game at Bounce House Stadium. Food and alcohol will be available there, not unlike some of our living rooms.

Bronco fans will be pumped, the team will be pumped, and the season is finally here.  There is so much to love about this.

The kickoff tonight is at 7 PM Eastern, 5 PM Moutain on ESPN.

The first home game is happening at Albertson's Station on Friday, September 10th against UTEP.  Text your dad and have some popcorn.  This will be fun.

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