I'm getting the chance to spend a few nights this week at an area of southwestern Idaho that I've never been to before. For those that enjoy desert scenery, there is a state park just 90 minutes from Twin Falls that boasts the tallest standing sand dunes in North America.

It's been three weeks since I last camped. We headed up to Stanley Lake over Father's Day weekend and kayaked and floated with a group of family and friends. I decided that my next trip would be to a location in Idaho I've never been before.

Bruneau Dunes State Park has been on my radar for several years. It's easy to find too, and is located just 80 miles northwest of Twin Falls. Being a huge fan of both kayaking and the desert landscape, this place has both, and a lot more. An observatory is also located within the gates of the park that offers nighttime viewing during the summer.

The park is just 25 miles southwest of Glens Ferry, which offers some great wine tasting in the area also. A coworker who has been there multiple times gave me some good advise. He told me to bring plenty of water, buy some sleds (which I did) and to watch out for the occasional scorpion. Sandboarding is a very popular activity there.

We booked a spot for three nights beginning July 9 inside the park. There is a large body of water found within the dunes that some people refer to as the "Bruneau Dunes Pond." This pond offers great fishing from what I've read about it, and the chance to toss a floatie out into the water to cool off, or launch the kayak into for an amazing photo opportunity of the surrounding dunes.

I'll check back with you next week and share a few pictures.

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