Some movies just get into our minds and live there for the rest of our lives. The Final Destination franchise has permanently scarred many Americans, and there's another one that is scheduled for release in the next year.

I got an alert the other day on my phone from a movie app I've had downloaded for years. The link sent me to a website that announced plans for a 25th anniversary Final Destination film that began filming in March of this year, according to The Economic Times. The new movie will be the sixth in the franchise, and I'll likely be in the theater on opening weekend.

Buckle up Idaho! We're in for another massive dose of anxiety.

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It's hard to believe that next year will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of the first Final Destination. For those who have never watched one, the plot centers around a group of teens who find themselves plagued with misfortune that claims their lives in the most terrifying and unimaginable scenarios.

Plane crashes, rollercoaster derailments, and disastrous traffic fatalities are just a few examples of how the cast has been wiped out in past installments. The writers of these movies have done a brilliant job of playing off of real fears humans have daily, which is what makes the films so damn hard to forget.

(WARNING: These videos contain bad language and graphic content)

The newest Final Destination will likely be released in the summer of 2025, according to reports. Buckle up Idaho! We're in for another massive dose of anxiety.

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