Earlier this week we learned that Idahoans are obsessed with the barely-bearable marshmallow Peeps candies. The Zippia data even goes so far as to say that we love Peeps more than any other state. Consider yourself mildly judged Idaho. I actually do like Peeps so I'm part of the problem. The real treat at Easter is the chocolate bunny. That's where you get into delicious territory.

This may sound weird to some of you, my wife thinks it is, but I actually really like hollow chocolate bunnies. To me they taste better and are easier to eat. My wife and kids prefer the solid bunnies. One thing we all agree on though is that when you eat the chocolate beast you always start with ears. The only exception is if a piece has broken off, then you can eat that first. WalletHub agrees too.

Easter Bunny Eating credit WalletHub
Easter Bunny Eating credit WalletHub

WalletHub has a bunch of Easter related data in their story including our favorite type of chocolate eggs. Believe it or not, but some people don't like the caramel filled Cadbury eggs. What is your favorite part to eat first on a chocolate bunny? If you don't know yet, come back to answer this poll on Monday after you take the first bite from your Easter basket.

Twin Falls has started to open up a bit more on events and that's perfect for Easter celebrations. With so many church service options, a few Easter Egg Hunts happening, and perfect weather expected it should be easy to celebrate Easter in a way that will be fun and memorable for your family.

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