Near Turin, Italy in the foothills of the Gran Paradiso National Park is an entire village for sale, and it could be all yours for less than half a million dollars!

The village of Borgata Calsazio was once part of a royal hunting reserve for the first king of a Unified Italy, King Vittorio Emanuele II. The village has 14 homes and about 50 other buildings and can you could "buy now" on eBay for what comes to about $333,057.

Photo via eBay

Part of the sales agreement is that the buildings must retain their unique architectural design, and must be restored using local building traditions. Some of the buildings have been in a state of abandon for many years and the cost to restore could be hundreds of thousands of dollars, but even still, if someone always dreamed of opening a ski resort in the Italian mountains this could be an awesome opportunity. Check out the latest bids on eBay!

Photo via eBay

Check out the latest bids on eBay!

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