When you want to get away from it all, what better way to do it in Idaho than a cabin. As it turns out, one of the best vacation cabins is apparently here in the Magic Valley. Who knew?

Only in Your State called out the 8 best vacation cabins in Idaho and real high up on their list are the Billingsley Creek Cabins in Hagerman. If you've been to Billingsley, you know there's the big Hemingway cabin among other smaller ones. Whoever made this list was impressed by what they described as "an oasis". I've heard a lot of words used to describe our area, but oasis isn't one of them - until now.

There's another cabin that made the best of list that's in Southern Idaho, but not exactly in our backyard. Bear Lake Cabin, which is shockingly located at Bear Lake, was also named among the best 8 cabins in the state.

I'm really surprised that there was no mention of the Stanley cabins that are available for rentals on this list. When you look out your window and see the Sawtooths, how does that not qualify for some kind of honor?

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