A southwest Idaho man was recently arrested and has been charged with a number of crimes, including animal cruelty for reportedly throwing a parted spouses' dog into a fireplace.

Nyles Reylito Andres, a 29-year-old Caldwell man, has been charged with six separate criminal acts this week for reportedly forcing entry into his separated spouses home, brandishing a knife and axe, and throwing the woman's dog into a fire place, according to details shared by idahonews.com.

The "large brown" dog was being contained in a kennel at the time of the incident, according to idahonews.com. Andres apparently entered the woman's home to confront her about an alleged new relationship, according to the report by idahonews.com.

Andres had multiple weapons in his possession. He has been charged with animal cruelty, intimidation, burglary, arson, injury to property and assault, according to Idahonews.com.

The dog survived, and was transported to a local treatment facility for burns, according to idahonews.com. Idaho law (25-3504) concerning animal cruelty / torture can carry a mandatory 10 year prison sentence for a felony charge (25-3520A). The victim reportedly had three children in her home at the time of the break-in, according to Idahonews.com.

Andres was taken to Canyon County Jail and processed. No details on an impending court date for Andres has been released by Idaho court officials at this time.

If you are currently being subjected to mental or physical abuse, you can contact the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence, at 208-332-1540.

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