Alice Pyne isn’t your average teenager. The 16-year-old from Ulverston, England has been fighting cancer since she was12, and within the last year, her illness has been diagnosed as terminal. But that hasn’t stopped the spunky teen from making the most out of every moment.

With the help of her mom, Alice set out to create a bucket list about a year ago, writing down everything she had always dreamed about doing — from simple things like entering her dog Mabel in a Labrador show to staying in the Chocolate room at the UK’s Alton Towers Resort. Wanting to document her accomplishments, Alice created a blog where family and friends could follow her journey of tackling the bucket list while she fought through her most difficult battle.

The teen’s attempt to live a full life despite the cancer has turned into an incredible story of unconditional love and support. She recently checked every single item off her bucket list, the most impressive of which was getting 40,000 new people to sign up as bone marrow donors.

Alice Pyne’s journey offers us incomparable lessons in finding strength and happiness in the most difficult situations. However, Alice herself shares on her blog perhaps the most important takeaway: “You only have one life. Live it!”

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