Opening very soon, cyclists who are looking for a place to hone their skills or practice different techniques will have the perfect place. Auger Falls Skill Park is opening soon and you can be part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Auger Falls New Skills Park Opening Soon

On Wednesday, June 1st you can go to the Skills Park located in the Auger Falls Wetland Preserve. The best way to get there is by the dirt trail so make sure you are prepared for that walk. You can follow signs from the parking area to show exactly where you need to go. The event will kick off with some information from the organizers.

What Exactly Is A Skills Park

The Skills Park was created to give a place for cyclists to practice trail runs and riding techniques without having to try an actual mountain trail and learn the hard way. The skills park is recommended for moderate to advanced cyclists. Helmets are not required but definitely recommended. The downhill trail is about 2 acres in the Auger Falls Preserve for you to practice on.

Make Sure You Stay Safe

Remember, getting down there is a dirt trail so if you plan on hiking it, you should wear the appropriate shoes. Also, the 2 acres of dirt trail is not the same as biking on the road, the goal is to help people navigate and practice with their bikes. I would highly encourage a helmet. Most of all, enjoy and get the skills honed for the upcoming summer adventure season that is undoubtedly ahead.

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