Top 10 Things We Worry About
We all worry about things. It's human nature but do you worry that you worry too much? Wrap your head around that one. What a vicious cycle...
Now Everyone Has A Chance To Go To The Moon
Earlier this year there was a company that announced they would take your ashes to the edge of space and spread them into the atmosphere. That sounds cool but gross at the same time because those ashes will come raining down on us eventually.
2015 Twin Falls Kids Fest Is Saturday
Kids Fest 2015 is happening Saturday August 22nd 10am to 2pm by the Herrett Center on the CSI Campus. This is the end of summer event to bring your kids to! So clear your schedules and get ready for a day of fun!
10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car
Recently my truck broke down on the highway. That stuff happens - cars have issues. The bad part was that I was not prepared for the break down. I didn't have any jumper cables (which I needed because the kids had the radio on the whole time I was working on the engine)

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