Weird News

Idaho Laws That Make You Go "Huh"?
Every state has some strange laws and Idaho is no different. We found some of the most ridiculous laws that make you wonder why they are even a thing, and some you probably broke without realizing it.
Twin Falls Slogans If Written By Gen Z-ers
Every generation has their own slang. Sure things like groovy and dope might not be in anymore, but at least we all knew what they meant. Gen Z has their own slang and if they wrote some slogans for Twin Falls they would sound a little something like this.
13 Idaho Town Names That Sound Naughty
Idaho has some pretty strange town names, some of which even sound naughty. I swear, when you say some of these names you almost feel like you're getting away with saying something you shouldn't.
Caterpillars In Twin Falls May Indicate "Mild" Winter
This morning we found a black and orange looking fluffy caterpillar. After some research it was determined it is a wooly bear caterpillar. Not only are they interesting to look at, there supposedly can predict the type of winter we are going to have.
Small Idaho Towns Known For Big Things
There are so many amazing towns in Idaho and even though the entire state has less of a population than some large cities, there are a lot of small towns here known for some pretty great things.

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