Some things you go through your life, assuming you are doing it the right way. Then along comes the internet and makes you question everything. A few months ago a video went around the internet showing us that we have been using a can opener wrong. Minds were blown and we all tried to open cans the new way. It didn't last because we like our old way even if the new way is cool.

We also learned that our phones have a hidden feature that is supposed to be helpful for unsteady hands and fat fingers. If you hold the space button on your phone it will let you scroll through the letters you have types rather than trying to touch the spot on your phone. Again, it is a cool feature but I still don't use it.

Now they are saying that we have all been using hand sanitizer wrong. At DailyMail they inform us that using a little hand sanitizer and rubbing your hands for a few seconds isn't good enough. To properly kill all the bacteria you should use enough hand sanitizer to cover both hands and rub them together for 15 seconds until the liquid dries. Most people I've seen use a little and rub their hands for just a few seconds and call it good.

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