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There are more than a dozen grocery options in Twin Falls.  That includes some of the ethnic stores.  I often pick a store because of proximity but primarily shop at just two.  Winco and Smith’s.  Best deals overall in town.  It has been next to impossible to find hand sanitizer at just about any store during the length of the crisis, however.

Twice I’ve found a good supply at Winco.  It may not last long on the shelves but there aren’t long stretches where there isn’t any.  I’ve not yet run out of sanitizer and as a courtesy I buy just one bottle at a time.

I’ve not yet run out of sanitizer and as a courtesy I buy just one bottle at a time.

Despite warnings of produce shortages, I haven’t seen anything yet at our local shops that would send up a flag.  The initial weekend of the scare you had a hard time finding bananas.  Now I’m having no trouble finding them and usually have one every morning with breakfast.

Green bell peppers, another personal favorite, are also plentiful.  So far, onions are in good supply.  I’ve got a bag of potatoes at home I bought before anyone was talking crisis in that arena.  Tomato and pasta sauces are easily found.  A few weeks ago this wasn’t the case as people were stocking up on canned goods.  Pantries now full, I can pick up what I need weekends for spaghetti sauce.

I keep reading columnists who suggest life will never return to normal.  Not sure what they mean by normal.  I’ve lived through at least five previous recessions.  Normal is usually the unexpected.  The only constant in life is change.  On the other hand, a return to some day-to-day security requires full restoration of consumer confidence.  People are so incredibly spooked we may be waiting a very long time for normal.

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