Someone created a map that will show you the damage radius, casualties, and more if a nuclear warhead landed in Idaho. Honestly, it feels like Twin Falls is a pretty safe place to be. And this isn't going to happen, but it is good information to know.

Check Out The Map That Shows Power Of Nuclear Bomb

It is pretty interesting because you can change the location the bomb would hit, what type of bomb, and the damage surrounding ground zero. There is a list of different types of bombs from bombs that have been used in the past to bombs that are known to have been produced, even if not tested. The map also shows fireball radius, blast pressure, radiation, and more details. It is pretty trippy.

What Would Happen If Idaho Was Bombed

There is virtually no chance that Idaho is going to get bombed. It makes no sense. That being said, let's see what would happen to Twin Falls if Mountain Home Airforce Base was targeted. Not only would Mountain Home be destroyed, but Fairfield, Hailey, Salmon, all the way into Montana, and parts of Canada would be impacted.


What Would Happen If A Major West Coast City Was Hit

If San Francisco was targeted, Twin Falls would feel some of the damage. The fallout contour would reach Twin Falls and progress into Montana. Keep in mind this setting is of a bomb that has not been tested but is known to be in production. Check out the missile map and the nuke map more. It is pretty interesting.

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