Idaho Bigfoot encounters aren't an uncommon occurrence. Every year, people share personal experiences through video uploads and reports to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Field Organization. One central Idaho man claims to have had a legitimate sighting.

The last investigated claim of a sasquatch sighting in the Gem State by the BFRO was just five months ago. A couple sitting on the tailgate of a truck in Shoshone County shared their story of hearing what they believed was the elusive bipedal creature in the woods surrounding them. The incident was filed as report #71799, and took place on November 1, 2021.

One month prior, a family traveling home from a high school event just across the northern Idaho border claims to have seen an "ape-like" figure standing by the side of a highway after dark. These witnesses too shared the experience with the BFRO, which identified the incident in report #71773.

Two Idaho hunters claimed to have chased away a Bigfoot in April of 2021. Last year, the state seemed to have had an influx of sasquatch sightings, including a man who claims to have actual hair from the creature in his possession.

Jerry Toxin's story was posted to YouTube a few months ago. He claims to have encountered Bigfoot in the area of McCall, and says he discovered hair at the scene that he believes is authentic.

Toxin's 2021 incident allegedly took place on the Lily Marsh Trail, located in Ponderosa State Park. "Bigfoot knocks" have been described as sounds produced when the creature bangs on the trunks of trees, which Mr. Toxin also claims to have heard just prior to finding the tuft of hair on the forest floor.

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