When manufactured homes came into existence, they were mainly viewed as housing for people who moved often and were extremely small and portable. When you look at a modern manufactured home, you realize just how much times have changed.

Here's a brief timeline of manufactured homes from yesteryear to today:

  • Early 1950's - Homes that resembled travel trailers were sold to families that needed to move often
  • 1956 - The first 10-foot-wide home is introduced
  • 1960's and 1970's - Homes became wider, longer and more difficult to move
  • 1980's - Manufactured homes began to resemble site-built homes

Fast forward to modern day where manufactured homes are competitive with site-built homes in style, quality, and features.

Clayton Homes is celebrating their 60th anniversary and have also chronicled the innovations in manufactured housing over the years. If you would like to see how elaborate new manufactured homes can be, you can see Clayton Homes in Filer at 21360 Highway 30 in Filer or check them out on the web.

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