Twin Falls to Denver is a two-way street.

When direct flights began between the two cities this past spring, I assumed most of the travel would be to Coors Field so you could see your favorite baseball team on the road and hammering the Rockies.  Or, possibly to see the Broncos or Avalanche.  You could also stay a few days, take in a museum or two and check out the restaurant scene.  All of the above would make me a happy guy.

A reporter from that side of the flight path dropped over and then went away greatly impressed.

The pleasant surprise appears to be Coloradans want to come to Twin Falls.  A reporter from that side of the flight path dropped over and then went away greatly impressed.  Her name is Terri Cook.  Check out her impressions by clicking here.

A couple of personal observations.  I’m not surprised tourists seek out the waterfalls, Centennial Park and zip lines.  What’s really nice are the reactions to the restaurant scene.  When I first came to Twin Falls I made it a mission to visit all the popular diner style cafes.  Then I discovered there were some very unique sandwich shops, high end dining and great tavern food.  For a small city we’ve tremendous choice.

A friend and I get together roughly once a week for lunch.  We were talking last week about how many places we haven’t yet been to eat.  It truly is a lengthy list and you could eat out every day and perhaps spend a couple of years never repeating the same place.  Now, there may not be that many restaurants in the city but if you’re willing to make a few short drives into neighboring towns, I do believe you would have a very long bucket list!

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