The Jerome community got together to send the Jerome Police Department a big thank you from comedian Bill Engvall and I have to say it is pretty amazing.

The Jerome Police Department received a message from comedian Bill Engvall saying that the community supports them and "Backs the Blue". It really warms my heart that the community got together to make this happen. I have no idea if it cost anything or if it does, how much, but the fact that the community shows so much support is amazing.

It is hard not to love Bill Engvall. He is one of the best comedians I have ever seen. The Blue Collar Comedy Tour member said he had never done a video for police before and he was happy it was for good news.

At the end he signs off with his signature "Here's Your Sign" and I can imagine the police department sees a lot of "here's your sign" moments. Even though Bill Engvall's show wasn't the best, his comedy has always been spot on.

I swear there should be a huge shout out to all the people in Jerome who went above and beyond to show some appreciation for their officers during a time when it is even more difficult to be one. The community "backs the blue" and appreciates everything the police do for them.

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