A video of a Twin Falls' student being harassed and having garbage thrown at him has been making the rounds on area social media sites. It was brought to my attention Thursday night, and I'm very happy to see people in the community rallying against such despicable actions.

I was forwarded a video Thursday evening that showed a male student surrounded by classmates who stood and watched as this teen was pelted with garbage. In one clip, you can actually see someone stuff debris down the back of his shirt. In another clip, a classmate throws garbage on the teen's guitar case.

The really troubling part of these videos, is the fact about 15 to 20 kids stood around and watched, most laughing, and it doesn't appear a single one came to defense of this young man. If my child stood around and sat idle while this type of harassment was taking place, there would be hell to pay. According to the video I saw, the incident took place at O'Leary Middle School. Perhaps our schools need more staffers paying attention to what is going on outside the classroom walls.

Thank god there are still good people out there. For instance, Guppies Hot Rod Grille in Twin Falls shared a great video of community members encouraging the teen. It appears people chipped in and gave the student a new guitar.

We need to end this garbage at schools across this country. Perhaps schools need to implement harsher punishments for students that have been found to bully classmates. Let me also say, that if you're standing around taking delight in such actions on your school's campus, then you're no better than a bully.

An anti-bullying rally took place this morning in Twin Falls in response to the video. We appreciate those of you that came to the aid of this teen. This is how human beings should act.

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