A city in Wisconsin is proposing that parents be fined if their child bullies another kid. Do you think we should adopt this law in Idaho?

A new report on idahoednews.com shows that 1 in 4 kids have been bullied in Idaho schools. My son brought up just the other day that a child in his middle school had made fun of him for the way he talks all year long. As his eyes welled up with tears it broke my heart. How can kids be so cruel and how do you protect your kids from these heartless bullies?

A proposed bill in Wisconsin would fine parents if their child is found to be a bully. According to foxnews.com, Lawmakers in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin are considering putting into place an anti-bullying ordinance that would fine parents $50 for a first offense with additional costs bringing the total to $313. Keep in mind that parents would receive a written warning first. The law will be considered on June 18th, but leading up to this it has received a unanimous vote.

Do you think this is a law that we should adopt here in Idaho? The effects of childhood bullying can last a lifetime. Maybe something like this would show parents how important it is for us to drive home to our children that you have to treat others with kindness and respect.

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