You can rest easy tonight if you've found love in Idaho. More than likely, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to - ahem - love.

There's a website called Background Checks that decided to see which states are nasty and which ones aren't. What's the deciding factor? Sexually-transmitted diseases. Where did we land on the "what is that weird bump on your skin" chart? Pretty good shape, actually. Idaho came in at #45 where being lower is definitely better. In fact, we're almost as pure as Utah, which came in at #46.

But, what if your boyfriend/girlfriend comes from a different state. Nothing to worry about unless he or she is from Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi or New Mexico. If they have one of those driver's licenses, better wrap yourself in a big protective bubble.

Oh, and if you're planning on crossing state lines to date in Nevada, might want to have them check their test results first since they came in at a somewhat unhealthy #22.

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