If you've driven along I-84 and seen a lot of feathers along the side of the highway, you're not alone. Many people have noticed there are an alarming number of dead owls recently.

KBOI in Boise first reported on this. They had eyewitnesses report as many as 50 dead owls around the part of I-84 near the Jerome exit.

Dead owls along I-84 seems odd to me, but apparently it's not that unusual. They reported that Idaho Fish and Game know about the owl situation, but nothing fishy is going on.

They pointed to a Boise State University student who has targeted I-84 as one of the worst roads in the country for barn owls. Her name is Erin Arnold and she put together quite the thesis about what a hard time owls have near the interstate.

Another BSU student, Tempe Regan, did a video presentation on this phenomenon, too.

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