“Where you off to in such a hurry there, Mario Andretti?”

Wouldn’t you just love it if that was what police would have said to the driver of a sports car that was pulled over for speeding, and that’s exactly who was in fact behind the wheel?

Well, it was actually the Indy car racing legend that police checked out this week, but he wasn’t speeding, and he wasn’t actually pulled over either.

Police were a little suspicious when they saw a car stopped on the side of the thruway near Syracuse, New York,  and pulled up behind the Corvette ZR1 to investigate. Andretti had actually stopped to “stretch his legs”, according to the New York state trooper that stopped to check out the situation.

After running his information, police discovered Andretti has a valid Pennsylvania drivers license, and was soon on his way. Good thing it wasn’t a speeding situation, seeing as the ‘vette is capable of hitting  205 mph. That would have been some kind of hot pursuit!

BY Chris Kai

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