Bidding begins today!  I’ve had a bale of toilet paper and a bale of paper towels in the car for a month.  I was shopping at Walmart after work some weeks ago and decided to buy one of each and for no particular reason.  Other than there was room in my cart.  When I got home my arms were full.  So is my bathroom closet.  So, I left the bales in the car.

I figure I can make more money selling individual rolls versus the entire package.

A caller shared this day he went to Walmart and there wasn’t any toilet paper on the shelves.  You may have already heard our local Costco is rationing some home supplies.

Good grief, people!  Toilet paper isn’t a vaccine.  If you catch the coronavirus, which odds say you won’t, tissue won’t be a cure.  People are hoarding bottled water.  Why?  Because coronavirus won’t make the tap fall off your sink.  Tap water is also cheaper.  You can save a few bucks and use it for something you would really need.  Like prepared meals you can fix quickly.  Because you won’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

How much would you give me for a roll of toilet paper?  I figure I can make more money selling individual rolls versus the entire package.  And when it’s gone, I can sell you the paper towels.  Not quite as soft but possibly the next best alternative.

What are we going to do if we ever face a real crisis?  My parents shared stories about World War Two rationing.  Sugar, flour and meat were in short supply.  Tires were sent off to war.  People started walking or they took a bus to get to work.

My dad had even more stories about deprivation as he survived the Great Depression.  Which could make an encore appearance if the panic continues.  As a legendary leader from that era said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.

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