This is an update on a story from back in 2019, before toilet paper was coveted and hoarded. Times were simpler before the pandemic. Or were they?

What Is The Toilet Paper Conundrum

Do you ever walk down the paper towel aisle or the toilet paper row and find yourself stuck in a mathematical anomaly? Seriously - the guy in this video is on point and if you really try to figure out the numbers on how much is actually on a roll, your head will melt.

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The claims on the packaging of 'Bigger', 'With 20% More', or '5 rolls = 9' are more confusing than trying to figure out who goes first at a 4-way stop when driving.

What Do The Size Claims Mean On Toiletry Packages

You may have already had these thoughts while choosing paper products at the grocery store and if you haven't, then you will now. I showed this video to my wife while in the toilet paper row at Walmart in Twin Falls. That was a bad idea, because then we spent 20 minutes trying to find the actual best deal and left with no toilet paper. But we did leave with a Code Red Mt. Dew, a no sugar Rockstar Energy drink, and a new hatred for math.

At the time I didn't look to see if the aisle price tags had the price per ounce info like they do with food products. But I think that with that info, I would have just been more confused.

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