This past Friday, Costaki Economopolous and Dax Jordan entertained the masses at the Canyon Crest Events Center in Twin Falls.

But before that a lovely couple, The Wilsons from Jerome got wined and dined Snake Style.

First the Canyon Crest Events Center picked them up in their limousine then took them to dinner at Canyon Crest.  At dinner they enjoyed themselves.  I came upon them with a steak dinner, drinks, and desert!  After dinner they got to meet Costaki and Dax before the show.  Here's how it went down:

If your jealous, I am too, I want to ride in a limo and eat and drink for free, then catch a free comedy show too.  Then become a Snake VIP!

Thank you to Canyon Crest for providing the limo, dinner, comedy show, and great hospitality.

And thank you to Costaki and Dax...Please come back to Twin!

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