A contest is currently underway that will award a winner in July a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a northern Utah location that is regarded as one of the top paranormal research ranches in the world due to its frequent sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena and other unexplained happenings. Skinwalker Ranch is just a couple hours southeast of the Magic Valley and this year's winner will get a guided tour and an autographed drone.

Skinwalker Ranch was famous for its magnetic anomalies and UAP sightings long before the History Channel signed on to feature the reality series. This region of the Beehive State attracts some of the top scientists in the world along with celebrities such as Utah-native Post Malone. The entrance to the ranch is located approximately 370 miles southeast of Twin Falls, Idaho, and connects via Interstate 84.

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I've written before about the possible paranormal link between these western U.S. regions, as a great deal of UAP sightings occurs along the highway between Boise, Idaho, and Vernal, Utah, according to published reports on the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The History Channel is running a contest called the Skinwalker Ranch Sweepstakes. People can enter now through July 4, 2023. There is an age requirement of 21 years and older to enter, and the contest is available to U.S. residents only.

Drones have become very popular tools for investigators of paranormal activity and UFO research. The tour will be led by ranch scientists and staff. Those in southern Idaho won't have to travel far for the chance at top clearance at this incredibly unique and bizarre ranch that has seen repeated unexplained phenomena for decades.

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