When most people think of Valentines Day, I think it's safe to say that flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and a flickering candle atop a white linen-dressed dinner table are a few things that come to mind. A free fall from an airplane isn't usually on most people's February 14th radar.

Just sayin.

When people ask me what my biggest fear is, I don't even hesitate. I have been fearful of heights since as long as I can remember. Snakes are a close second. So, the thought of a romantic, Valentines Day leap from an airplane is something I will never get talked into doing.

Unless you're into really weird fetishes, there's nothing romantic about a grown man crying, cursing and soiling himself at 13,000 feet.

If the idea appeals to you, then Skydive Idaho has been operating in the Boise area since 1967, according to the businesses' website. According to the National Parachute Association, a half million people take the leap each year. You guys keep on keeping on; I'll see you on the ground.

So, I'll admire this 2010 Valentines Day jump from the comfort of my computer, which sits at a non-death-defying four feet off the ground.


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