The Earth's atmosphere ends at around 40,000 feet.  These guys jumped at 33,000 feet.  Get ready to barf.

Meet Fred Fugen and Vince Reffett.  Fugen and Reffett are B.A.S.E. jump partners.  "We're so happy to have made it – it was a big dream, the result of a year and half of preparation," says Fred. "It was the complete jump."

The air temperature where they jumped is about -67 degrees Fahrenheit.

While it's not as high as Felix Baumgartener's space jump from 2012, the thing that sets them apart is what they jumped over.  Mont Blanc.  The tallest mountain in the Alps.

To give you a sense, it averages 100 climbing fatalities every year.  Two airplanes have crashed into this mountain (seriously!).  And they picked this for their jump site.

Enjoy :)


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