Less people dining out at restaurants, picnicking and having outdoor social gatherings where food is cooked is apparently causing an increase in visits from rodents to our homes. There have already been cities that have reported more rat and mice numbers due to these creatures being unbale to find human scraps.

This subject is hitting particularly close to home right now, as we've had a pair of unwanted visitors gain access to our home in the past two weeks. We've confirmed the death of the first one, a Deer Mouse, which actually leaped out from a box of cookies at my wife a week or so ago. I heard the shrieks of horror as I sat comfortably on my couch watching the Dodgers play the A's.

Rodents, we DON'T do at our place. Last fall and winter passed without any issues. Unfortunately, a home we rented prior to moving to Twin Falls was a nightmare, and forever scared the both of us. I was constantly pulling rats the size of terriers out of the home and storage shed. I'm amazed my immune system survived the ordeal Hantavirus free.

The city of New Orleans is just one location that saw a dramatic spike in rodent invasions. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense why mice and rats are on the prowl. Less human scraps are being discarded, because people generally are not visiting parks right now and tossing food in garbage cans. Restaurants aren't cooking to maximum capacity either.

A recent visit from a Twin Falls pest company was very informative. There are four different types of mice that are generally found throughout the area, and at least one of them, the Deer Mouse, can make you very, very sick...like dead sick. They offered to mouse proof our property for a small fee, which we temporarily passed on.

They recommended using steel wool to fill holes inside and outside of a property. Glue and baited traps on the porch and deck are also effective. We've blocked off access to under our fridge and stove also, to limit hiding places. Adopting a cat might be the best home defense out there.

Good luck Twin Falls!

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