The Centers for Disease Control has read the polling data and dropped the recommendation.  What are you going to do with the left-over masks?  I suppose the liberals will store them for the next pandemic, or keep wearing them as a fashion and virtue signaling statement.  I think I’ve got a few under the car seat.  Somehow they ended up there from neglect.  Better, I suppose, than adorning parking lots, shrubs, and floating down the Snake River.  I also participated in burning some.  I believe it made the Governor angry.  Those of us warming ourselves by the fires clearly didn’t endear ourselves to the news media scolds, however.  Simply by being Trump-voting, Walmart shoppers from flyover country give that crowd a paroxysm of rage.

Burning Masks Was Fun!

They were concerned children tossing masks into burn barrels was dangerous and child abuse.  I guess they’ve never roasted marshmallows!

The Babylon Bee, which also makes liberals break out in hives with stinging commentary (get it, libs?  Hah, hah, hah!), has some ideas for your old masks.  Aside from taking up space in landfills and fouling the oceans.  You can read the recommendations by clicking here.

What an Absolute Waste!

I’ve heard masks described as face diapers.  Like disposable diapers, they aren’t really biodegradable.  The cloth one someone gave me has wires inside the material.  You would’ve thought this would’ve been an issue for the hemp clothing crowd as they berated you for being barefaced in aisle five.

I guess the left really doesn’t believe all the environmental warnings it issues.  As Ted Cruz said this week at a news conference with truck drivers, his colleagues only wore masks to impress reporters.

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