Do we still have emergency orders in place?  Last February, a state legislator told me the Governor’s COVID orders ceased because he didn’t technically renew them from the previous year.  Since then I’ve heard people say there was no formal withdrawal.  Is that the idea?  To keep us confused?

Most of us have been living the last 12 months as if there were no government nannies telling us what to wear over our noses and faces.  Oh, the Mayor of Boise and some other recalcitrants in Blaine and Teton Counties have clicked their heels and issued local orders.

Nurses Paid the Price

Healthcare workers have faced a separate battle and without much sympathy from the state government.  Even as the disease subsides.

Does Governor Brad Little like the confusion?  In one respect, some people have probably forgotten the worst excesses of the regime since 2022.  On the flip side, if Democrats believe he could still wrap a diaper around our faces, maybe they’ll cross over and vote like Republicans in the upcoming primary.  Wouldn’t that be strange?  A man who claims to be a conservative Republican gets put over the top by liberals in peasant skirts.

Liberal Media Aids the Cover-up

Mainstream media won’t say much about the research from Johns Hopkins.  The study said the lockdowns were far worse than the disease.  I had to read the story in the Wall Street Journal.  The paper is a fine publication, but it reaches less than one percent of Americans.  It's about the same for its sister paper.

I don’t vote for candidates simply because party elders give me instructions.  I didn’t follow Little’s orders when he tried playing jailer.  In less than two years, we’ve watched businesses fail and neighbors go bankrupt.  Not once has he admitted he made a mistake.  Not publicly.  People behind the scenes tell me he’s contrite but only when pressed by someone with a large constituency.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:



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