For those that enjoy off-roading in Idaho, a desert creek loop trail northwest of Twin Falls might be the crown jewel of the entire state. Have you ever been to Sinker Creek?

Idaho and off-road adventures go together like eggs and bacon. There is so much pristine, untouched backcountry in the state, which puts Idaho in a league of its own. To locate and experience some of these truly unexplored, natural adventures, owning an off-road vehicle is a must.

If you head 135 miles northwest from Twin Falls you'll find a creek in the Owyhee Desert called Sinker Creek. Sinker Creek and Wild Horse Butte can be located near Murphy, and combined the territory is close to 30 miles of nothing but creekside trails, impressive rock formations, and sand as far as the eye can see. It's easily one of the best off-road stretches in the entire state.

The loop, which amounts to a two-hour drive from Twin Falls, levels out at a maximum elevation of 1,709 feet, making it one of the more friendly runs in the southern region of the state. Multiple creeks offer a chance to get a little wet while tearing up the sandy, rugged scenery. The Owyhee Desert extends into Nevada and Oregon as well, offering some incredible sights including marvelous canyons, volcanic rock, wildlife, and no shortage of sagebrush.

These are private roads, so make sure to research the best possible way to be granted access to the area. Closing gates behind you, and avoiding littering in this beautiful Idaho backcountry is also advisable.

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