If I told you that just a few miles southwest of Boise, Idaho, there's a roadway surrounded by towering spires of rock that cuts through the desert landscape and leads to an incredibly beautiful oasis, would you believe me? How about you go see for yourself?

If natural, scenic beauty is what you enjoy surrounding yourself with, then there's really no reason to leave the state of Idaho. However, if you don't mind indulging me and heading just over the border into eastern Oregon, you'll find a region of the state that's unlike any other.

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The Leslie Gulch Road is less than 80 miles from Boise and just 200 miles from Twin Falls. The closest Oregon community is Adrian, which has a population of less than 200. The city lies just north of Leslie Gulch Road, which weaves through the Owyhee Canyonlands.

The canyonland desert roadway runs for about eight miles and offers amazing views, great hiking, and off-roading in Malheur County, on the eastern edge of Oregon. Make sure to bring kayaks because the road ends at a pristine body of water that offers stunning panoramic features. Gas up in Nampa or Boise before punching the road into GPS to make sure you don't run into any problems because cell service doesn't exist, according to an online source.

The total mileage from Twin Falls to Leslie Gulch Road is 202 miles, which will take less than four hours to reach. Have fun exploring this unique area of Oregon.

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