I realize there are bigger problems in the world today, but I think Twin Falls is having a small crisis. It's kind of an awkward subject to bring up, so I'll just say it. People in this town are wearing too many yoga pants.

I did a search for yoga studios in Twin Falls and came across a grand total of 1. In chart form, our percentage of yoga studios in southern Idaho looks like this.

The only studio I could find was the Shimmy Shakti Studio. Yet, multitudes of people I've run into in Twin are wearing yoga pants. This is not exclusive to women. There was one guy who was riding his bike the other day who probably mistook them for Italian bicycle pants. They weren't and it wasn't a pretty sight.

To me, there's a big problem when there's such a mammoth amount of yoga pants being worn in a city that generally doesn't have much yoga going on. If you would like to prove me wrong, there is a Free Yoga In The Park event coming up June 8. One request: please don't tell the guy who rides his bike in yoga pants about this.

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