If you're wearing yoga pants right now, please try to remain calm. But, there is reason to believe that you may be killing the Earth.

This is a new report that was shared by US News and World Report. It claims that yoga pants could be responsible for some sea pollution. You can't make this kind of stuff up.

It's a study that is based on research by the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium. They claim that materials from yoga pants are contaminating seafood.

Yes, if you have seafood today, you could be eating yoga pants. Awesome.

How is this possible? According to the US News and World Report article, it's the micro-fibers in the yoga pants that are flushed out when you wash them. This means that some may draw a very frightening conclusion. Some in the Magic Valley will stop washing their yoga pants. NO!

I got quite a bit of flack from the Twin Falls yoga pants community (there really is one!) when I shared my feelings last year. In this case, don't shoot the messenger. This isn't my opinion. Read the full article and realize it's science.

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