Dads do a bunch of free labor around the house, and save their families tens of thousands of dollars a year. Translation: Don't just buy him a tie or socks this year. Dad works hard so get him something good. just released the results of their annual report on the value of all the stuff dads do around the house.

And they found that in 2015, the average dad does $24,738 worth of work.

When you consider all the stuff that Dad does, you have an accountant, plumber, tutor, coach, handyman, car mechanic, builder, pest control worker, taxi driver, laborer, cook, and groundskeeper.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

That's down a little more than 3% from last year. The survey didn't say whether or not that number is up because of inflation or if Dad is doing more today than he did 2 years ago.  I'm guessing it's probably a little of both.

Here are some DIY Father's Day treats as explained by this annoyingly cheery Youtuber.