The day that reminds us that we are just one click away from frantically having to call that nerdy, computer-savvy friend of ours for assistance, is coming this weekend.

Sunday is National Data Privacy Day.  According to ZDNET, there are in upwards of 10 million computer viruses that could potentially invade our smart phones or computers at any moment.

Speaking from experience, I fell victim to ransomware a couple of years ago while trying to convert an audio file. It wasn't pleasant. While I eventually found a solution--and no, no payment was made to the JACKWAGON that created the software--it did cost me a few family photos. Oh yea, and I lost some music by The Dave Matthews Band, which I considered a favor.

As a rule of thumb, here are some websites I THINK you should avoid clicking on:

1. Anything that has to do with discount clothing being shipped from China.

2. Websites that have anything to do with free video game downloads.

3. Websites with the word TEENAGE in it. There's a good chance that knock on your door at 3a.m. isn't your neighbor wanting to borrow eggs. Just ask Pete Townshend.

4. Websites that combine real, established social media sites with adjectives of a sexual nature. Like, #@$%book for instance. Don't google it...someone has probably created it, and it will probably give your PC a lobotomy.

5. Any finally, avoid any sites that offer to convert anything to anything. I found that out the hard way.

Those are some red flags I would hope you already knew about. Now, here are some real tips to keep your data secure from our friends at StaySafeOnline.



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