Greg Jannetta

My 3-year-old son has now contracted the second illness in two years that I never remember experiencing with my daughter. Apparently, a flu-like virus is causing sleepless nights for many people in the Magic Valley at the moment.

RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus, has found its way into my kid's airways. We took him to a local quick care yesterday after he'd been experiencing coughing fits for the forth day in a row. The 48 hours prior to our visit, the coughing had been keeping him (and us) up most the night.

I'd never heard of RSV before this week. As parents, my wife and I are big believers in getting flu shots--not just for ourselves--but our children as well. My son received his shot months ago, but it didn't prevent him from getting RSV. In 2017, he came down with Hand Foot Mouth Disease, which again was a first for my kids.

I've had two co-workers tell me they too have had the virus in recent weeks. My wife, who works in healthcare, says reports of RSV are on the rise in Twin Falls.

If you, or your child have been experiencing coughing fits and sinus congestion that has been going on for more than four or five days, I urge you to pay a visit to a doctor. The virus is extremely contagious.

Stay healthy Magic Valley.

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