Thankfully, I haven't had anything happen in my life in the past couple of months that has required me to take a flight during the Coronavirus pandemic. I don't have any medical reason that would prevent me from wearing a mask in-flight, but for those that do, you can expect longer waits getting on the plane now.

A coworker of mine just took a flight out of the Magic Valley Airport to Salt Lake City over this past weekend. She was headed to Spokane to meet a friend who was picking her up to spend a few days on Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho. While her flight wasn't impacted by anything relating to COVID-19, she did sit through 8 hours of combined layovers and delays due to mechanical problems.

Courtney Salmon

I have no plans on flying anywhere until we get a handle on this virus. I would however not have any problems wearing a mask. I see all these people making a huge issue out of being forced to wear masks into stores and other places, and I can't help but laugh at the sheer inanity of it all. It's these individuals that are no doubt contributing to a spike in cases throughout the world.

Delta Airlines just made the announcement that anyone who doesn't wear a mask when traveling, whether it's a medical reason or something else, will not only be screened prior to boarding, but will also be asked if flying at this particular time is a necessity. shared details of the decision, which will require those attempting to fly without masks to get to the airport earlier to undergo the screening.

Delta set in place a mask requirement in June.

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