Twin Falls City Council is set to get an earful.  On Monday, the seven member council will vote on a mask mandate for the city.  Their counterparts in Jerome have similar plans for Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Governor Brad Little is again being lobbied to establish a mandate statewide.  By all the people in scrubs and lab coats and there isn’t much they don’t know.

A decision by the Governor would get local councils and commissions off the hook, politically.  So far, he has said it’s a local issue.  While at the same time he has suggested the people he serves in the Magic Valley are irresponsible. 

The ordinance wouldn’t allow the city to close businesses defying the mandate.

Prior to the meeting in Twin Falls a demonstration is scheduled.  It begins at three o’clock in the afternoon.  Two hours before the meeting gets underway.  Mask opponents have reserved the commons outside City Hall for a good seven hours.  Many of the expected speakers at the rally are likely as well to address members of council.  As of last Monday there appeared to be four votes in favor, two against and one councilman wasn’t yet sure of his vote.  If the four remain entrenched, then the mandate will be enacted.

Chris Reid, the one councilman who hasn’t endorsed either position sent me a clarification.  The ordinance wouldn’t allow the city to close businesses defying the mandate.  The teeth in the order would be the fines assessed for violators.

Twin Falls isn’t Oregon and it isn’t California.  Those states have much tougher coronavirus measures in place.  Politicians here would tell you they’ve got little to nothing in common with Gavin Newsom and Kate Brown.  In Oregon, undercover spies turn in businesses in violation.

The thing is, perception is often reality for the voting public.  Any attempt to regulate their choices isn’t going to go over very well.


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